Its time to head south and race…

Tomorrow we are heading south, to Quarteira, the city where the race will take place on Saturday at 13h45 GMT.

The past days have past so fast. We have reduced the training load and its been a lot about resting and getting in shape.

Today we did our last “quality” workout. We did an open water swim session in the morning followed by a bike/run session on the track.







Its hard for me to tell if i feel good or not. I tend to always think its hard to understand my body before a race, especially before a race of this level. I think i will only know how i will feel Saturday afternoon.

Im quite nervous at this time. During the day its manageable, but during the night, before falling asleep i think a lot about the race. Its always good, before any kind of race to do a simulation in your head of all possible situations that may appear. I have found it particularly hard to do it for this race…

Despite all nerves, fears and other feelings Im looking forward to stand on that start line Saturday afternoon. After all years of hard work, many hours of training i will now receive the recognition that i always dreamed of…representing the national team.


As soon as Im back i will post a race report…




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