Triathlon Project – Interview

A few guys from the north of Portugal has started a new Project to promote Triathlon in Portugal. I cant reveal the name of the project yet, but I’m sure it will be a great success.

They asked me if they could count with my contribution by giving an interview. I suggested that they should not only include me, but the Sporting Triathlon team. André started of Sporting´s triathlon project with just a few athletes and today we are one of the biggest teams in the country. We have many young talented athletes that hopefully one day will reach the highest level. The beauty of our team is that we have a mix of athletes, the ones that wants to reach the highest possible level and the ones that practice just for fun. By having this mix we balance the competitiveness inside the team and the team spirit is always on top.

Yesterday night my interview took place at Sporting´s stadium, on the football field. I have been on the field before, but its always a special feeling to enter on the field.

photo 2


photo 4

The interview went very well. I’m starting to feel quite comfortable in front of the camera. I guess its always a bit easier when we speak about something we love, a passion.

photo 1


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