Time to race in Estoril

On sunday its time to race again!

Last week i was present at the press conference for this race. I didnt quite like this press conference. Usually i get to answer questions, but this time i had to do some kind of “free” speech about the race…


Well, well…back to the race…

Its the second stage of the National Team Championships. The race will be over the Olympic distance (1.5km – 40km – 10km) and it will be close to home, in Estoril. Sporting´s female team is currently in 3rd place, but we hope to improve that position this weekend.


We have set some team strategies with the victory as objective. If we manage to win this stage we get some really important points. As its olympic distance the points are duplicated. Its a race, so anything can happen…lets wait for Sunday.

As for my individual performance. Its my first time racing on this course. I dont feel nervous at all. After the European Cup the national races feels easier. Its not that the competitors are worse, its just that its not the same level of racing, preparation and stress. I have always been a quite nervous and stressed athlete, so im very happy to feel this calm.

I know that ill be out of the water a minute or more after the first girl. The run to the first transition park will be long (300m) and very crucial. I know that i will need to hammer on the bike and try to reach the first girls. The run will always depend on how tired i am off the bike. As i always have to work a bit more on the bike i tend to arrive a bit more tired to the run. The run course in Estoril is very hard! there are not flat parts, just up and down. Well, im sure ill have lots of fun and ill give my all for the team.

Today we did our swim workout at the beach where we will swim Sunday and two laps on the bike course.

Estoril 1



Estoril 4

Estoril 3


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