Victory for Sporting´s female team

We did it! we managed to win the second stage of the National Team Championships.

All elements of the team did a very good race, specially Catarina Casteleiro. It was her first time racing over the Olympic distance. She finished 6th overall and 2nd Junior.

As for my race: I finally did a good swim, just 50 seconds behind the first girls. We started 20 minutes before the guys, which meant that we could not ride in the wheels of the guys.

Estoril 4


I was really motivated going out of T1…but that motivation disappeared fast when i realized that there were girls riding on the wheel of the guys.  I was really pissed. But what bothers me even more is that some of the girls got a penalty and had to stop for 2 minutes and others didn’t, in this specific case the girl that won the race. She was riding in the wheels of the guys for one lap and didn’t get penalized. Sportsmanship please!!!!!!!!

Well, well…

I ended pushing 95% of the bike and the legs didn’t feel as good as they usually do.

Estoril 1


photo 3

photo 2

The run was ok, nothing special. Was trying to manage the energy that was left on a very hilly course.

photo 4

Estoril 2

I finished 5th overall and 4th senior. I’m happy with my race, specially with my swim 🙂 and im proud of us, Sporting´s Female team…We did it!

Estoril 3

photo 1


3 thoughts on “Victory for Sporting´s female team

  1. Wow! Enjoyed reading your blog. Your race report is extremely well written and provides an intriguing excerpt of the life of an upcoming triathlete. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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