Start list is out

The start list for Kitzbühel is out. We are 23 girls in my Age Group (25-29), nothing compared to the 77 girls at the World championships in London last year.


What i did learn from London is that it’s almost impossible to set any objectives for a race like this. I don’t know the level of the other girls. I missed out on a medal in London due to my run. I was leading the race till the run and my level was simply not enough to fight for a medal. I was very happy with my 7th place. However, i can admit that i want more for this race, but there is no point setting too high goals as there will be a risk of getting disappointed. André always tell me that the only thing i should focus on is getting in as good shape as possible and do my race. I’m very happy that mum and dad will be there watching me racing. Its always very special to have them around.

Training is going well. I’m still suffering some pain in my right knee, but it’s controlled. I did a few hard workouts this week, 2x (3×1000+2×400) on the track  Wednesday. It was hard! I suffered quite a lot. Thank god i had the support of André and dad. Mum and dad came down to Lisbon Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather has been pretty bad, so they have not been able to enjoy the beach.

Today we did 30x100m in the pool, a mental challenge.

The weekend will be full of workouts and tomorrow (Saturday) I’m participating in another event with my sponsor Compressport  🙂

And of course, not to miss this weekend! The best athletes in the world will race WTS (World Triathlon Series) London. The Swedish athlete Lisa Norden will be back racing in WTS events. I think they will broadcast it on Swedish TV.


Race report from Fundao

4th overall, 2nd senior and victory for the team was the result from this weekends race in Fundao. Im very happy with the race and my knee was feeling good.

During the past five weeks i have been struggling a bit with my right knee, the knee i got operated on. I have been able to train without pain, but after the workouts the pain has appeared. The week before the race in Fundao the pain got a bit worse. Friday, the day before the race i went to see my osteopath Rui who has been helping me this season to keep my back pain under control. I see him once a week and the results have been very good. He told me that the pain in the knee was not related to the meniscus, which was a relief. I dont know what he did, but whatever he did it helped. The knee was feeling much better Saturday morning.


Back to the race…

I thought i did a good swim. Despite the fact that woman and men started together i didnt get caught in any confusion and i was able to swim without getting hit. When i left the water i noticed that the swim had been slow. The transition to the bike didnt go so well. The transition was difficult. We had about 100m to get the shoes on the feet before a long downhill. My left shoe caused me problems and the transition took much longer than it should.


Out on the bike i was feeling great. I always kept myself on the wheel of the guys and my legs were feeling very good. Our group was quite strong so we caught the girls ahead of us. Coming into the second transition we had caught the first girls and the podium would be decided on the run.




I did another bad transition and i left for the run quite behind the other four girls that was in the pack. I managed to catch one of them and finished 4th overall, 2nd senior and victory for the team.





Today we did a 3h bike ride over a hilly course to recover from yesterdays race 😉



Fundão next!

I managed to survive the weekend with 8 hours of hard training. I actually felt much better than expected. This time i managed to do the series with the guys, 3x15min Z4 😉

photo 1


I’m enjoying the long bike workouts more and more. Who knows, soon i might do an Half Ironman (1.9km swim – 90km bike -21km run).

photo 2

On Sunday we had Sylvain riding with us. Sylvain is the owner of the brand that is sponsoring me, Compressport. He gave me a pair of the new fast, light weigh socks. The socks are great! Very light, comfortable and let your feet breathe during the workout.

photo 3

Next stop on the race calendar is Fundão! Its one of the stages of the Portuguese triathlon cup. The race is over the sprint distance (750m swim – 20km bike – 5km run). I don’t have any specific goals for this race, Its another preparing by big goal for this season. Unfortunately it will just be one start, meaning that men and women will start together. I prefer when we start before the men, its easier to control your position in the water and there is less confusion.


Fundao 2

I will be back with a race report next week 🙂



My new helmet from Spiuk :)

I have been feeling very tired the past week. Its not due to the race, but rather the long trip we did last weekend. Its amazing how a long trip damages you body…

The training has been hard and will be hard for another month. This week i had some few very hard workouts. The track workout on Wednesday ( 2x (3×800 +2×400) didnt go quite as expected, but i completed it. Its important when we are training hard to keep the focus on the objectives, finding the main reason why we are putting ourselves through a huge amount of pain.

This weekend ill have another 7-8 hours of training. Hills on the bike and run on Saturday followed by a 120km bike ride on Sunday with series (3x15min Z4).


But its not all about suffering! Today i got a picture of my new time trial helmet that i will get from my sponsor Spiuk 😀 simply love it!!! I will use it when i compete in the European Age Group championship and the time trial races ill do this summer. Thank you Spiuk for all your support.



6th place for Trival in Copa Del Rey

We did a 6th place among 42 teams, not bad…The team did 14th place last year

We left Lisbon 7am Friday morning with a ten hour trip ahead of us. The first hours passed fast and we had a good time in the car.





Towards the end it was hard. I think all of us were tired of sitting in a car and we just wanted to arrive.

When we finally arrived to our destination it was time to find our hotel and that was not easy. We had a name of one hotel, but when we asked for our reservation it wasn’t there. The team manager hadn’t arrived yet, so we were a bit lost. After almost one hour spent on looking for our hotel, getting stuck inside a garage we finally found our place. It was already 8pm and we had a workout on the schedule.  We went for a 30min run. My legs were feeling quite stiff after the journey.


The evening ended with a pasta dinner at our team manager’s apartment. I got to meet my team mates for the first time. I just knew one girl from my team, Estefania. She is racing in Portugal, so we have got to know each other.


Despite some language constrains (my Spanish is not that good) we spoke about the strategy for Saturday’s race. We were six girls, but only four had to finish. What i learned from this is that it’s hard to make a strategy when you don’t know the level of your team mates. What we discussed Friday night and defined as strategy didn’t happen during Saturday’s race.

The race started at 2pm Saturday afternoon. Our start was planned for 5:30pm. At10am Saturday morning we went for a bike ride to stimulate the body. We did 2 laps on the race course. The course was flat with some dangerous roundabouts. After the bike we went back to our apartment to rest a bit before lunch. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. In Portugal it seems that people stress much more on the race day.




The time passed fast and it was time for us to go and place our material in the transition park. I wasn’t feeling nervous at all. Even if i have been racing quite a lot this was a total new experience for me. I have never raced in the Spanish league nor had i done a time trial before.


Time to race… at 5:45pm Saturday we took off. We have decided that Estefania and I would push the swim and lead the group. We didn’t really push. I did two strokes freestyle, then a few back strokes. At the second buoy we had to stop and gather the team. The run to the transition park was long, but my legs were feeling great. The strategy for the bike was that Monica, another girl from the team, was going to push as she was a good biker. I would just go on the wheel and rest. That didn’t happen. I took control of the bike directly and pushed the girls. I was feeling great!!! When i looked back i realized i had pushed it too hard, the girls were losing my wheel. I had to slow down, get the group together and go again. I told the girls to scream “more” or “less” so i knew if the speed was good or not. I pushed the entire bike and i was feeling great. I had the feeling that i could go much faster if needed. After the race the girls came to me and told me “Larsson, yr not strong, yr a machine on the bike” 😉

In most races when i push hard on the bike and arrive to the run quite tired, but this wasn’t the case. My legs were feeling even better after the bike and i would have loved to push that run as hard as possible. However, this was not an individual race and we had to make sure that the team stuck together throughout the run.

Monica was not supposed to run, however the girl that was supposed to do the run, Judith, had a flat on the bike and plans changed again. Monica was suffering a bit off the bike and we had to support her throughout the run, she did a tremendous effort to keep the pace.

Four happy girls crossed the finish line together hand in hand





Sunday, to end our great weekend, we went for a two hour bike ride before starting the long journey back to Lisboa!





I loved the experience! Great team, can’t wait to be back

Gracias Trival Triatlon Valdemoro for giving me this opportunity


Spain here we come

Tomorrow at 6am we are off to Spain, Valencia, to participate in Copa del Rey Saturday morning. We are four athletes form Sporting that will race this weekend. The journey will be hard, 10 hours of driving, not to recommend the day before the race…


Sporting´s sponsor for this season, Lexus, will provide us with a good car which will make it a bit easier.

I’m going to race very tired. This week has been hard, im very tired after all the training. Yesterday i did the hardest track workout of the season 2x (6×400+2×300) hurt so much. Thank god i had the support of my coach and team mates…

Almost forgot 🙂 yesterday my interview for Bola TV was shown on TV. I couldn’t see it as i don’t have Bola TV. It will be released on the internet in a months time and then ill post it here. As you can see on the pictures we had great fun.

Blog 2




Summer and training hard

The summer hit Portugal this weekend, 30 degrees and sun! I must admit that i was longing for the summer. The winter has been too long this year.

Another typical weekend for me, filled with workouts…just how i like it!

Saturday morning we did an 2h30 bike ride, with a stop at Expo where the biggest triathlon event in Portugal “Lisbon Triathlon took place. Its an international race that brings athletes from all over Europe. The race is over the half Ironman distance, which is 1.9km swim – 90km bike – 21km run. This race is also counting for the national long distance team championship . Sporting´s long distance team did a great performance and won, well done guys! One of Sporting’s athletes, Benek, did the best half marathon of the day with an impressive 1h14, way to go Benek!!

Triatlo longo 2

Triatlo longo 3


Benek flying….



Happy supporters


Triatlo Longo




Saturday afternoon it was time for a 40 min open water session. It was hard to get to the beach, seemed like all Lisbon’s population had decided to catch the first summer sun.




On Sunday we had a tough workout on the schedule, 100km bike with 3x12min Z4 (2min rest in between) and 40 min run with series directly after the bike. I was actually feeling quite well on the bike, well that was until the series started. I was trying to go with the fastest guys on the team, but i lost them after 7 minutes on the first series. I think i should have been able to keep the pace, but my bike fitness is not there quite yet. There is only one way to solve that problem and its to train even harder.

The run was hard. It was 30 degrees outside and the legs were quite tired after 3h20 on the bike. I started the run with 8 minutes in Z4 and the rest was in Z1-Z2. (For the ones that doesn’t know, Z1 is easy pace and Z6 hard pace)

After four hours of training i went to the beach with a good friend and ate a well deserved ice cream…


Starting the preparation for Kitzbühel

There hasn’t been much resting after the race on Sunday.

On Wednesday i did a quite hard running session 8×400 hills followed by a very hard bike session on Thursday…. The preparation for Kitzbühel has started.


For those who don’t know I’ll be racing the European Age-Group Championships on the 22nd of June in Kitzbühel. It’s my main objective for this season.

The coming weeks will be filled with hard training. I’m sure that I will suffer a bit, but it’s for a good cause 😉

I will of course be racing before the 22nd. Next stop will be in Spain, Valencia on the 10th of May. I will be racing Copa Del Rey with my Spanish team. It will actually be a quite funny race. The team (4 girls) has to start and finish race together, meaning that we have to swim, bike, run and cross the finishing line together. I have never done such a race before and I’m really looking forward to it.

This weekend will be another one full of training. Bike and swim Saturday and 100km bike + run on Sunday…

10013438_10202160901163709_804172317256546992_o (1)