Summer and training hard

The summer hit Portugal this weekend, 30 degrees and sun! I must admit that i was longing for the summer. The winter has been too long this year.

Another typical weekend for me, filled with workouts…just how i like it!

Saturday morning we did an 2h30 bike ride, with a stop at Expo where the biggest triathlon event in Portugal “Lisbon Triathlon took place. Its an international race that brings athletes from all over Europe. The race is over the half Ironman distance, which is 1.9km swim – 90km bike – 21km run. This race is also counting for the national long distance team championship . Sporting´s long distance team did a great performance and won, well done guys! One of Sporting’s athletes, Benek, did the best half marathon of the day with an impressive 1h14, way to go Benek!!

Triatlo longo 2

Triatlo longo 3


Benek flying….



Happy supporters


Triatlo Longo




Saturday afternoon it was time for a 40 min open water session. It was hard to get to the beach, seemed like all Lisbon’s population had decided to catch the first summer sun.




On Sunday we had a tough workout on the schedule, 100km bike with 3x12min Z4 (2min rest in between) and 40 min run with series directly after the bike. I was actually feeling quite well on the bike, well that was until the series started. I was trying to go with the fastest guys on the team, but i lost them after 7 minutes on the first series. I think i should have been able to keep the pace, but my bike fitness is not there quite yet. There is only one way to solve that problem and its to train even harder.

The run was hard. It was 30 degrees outside and the legs were quite tired after 3h20 on the bike. I started the run with 8 minutes in Z4 and the rest was in Z1-Z2. (For the ones that doesn’t know, Z1 is easy pace and Z6 hard pace)

After four hours of training i went to the beach with a good friend and ate a well deserved ice cream…


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