Spain here we come

Tomorrow at 6am we are off to Spain, Valencia, to participate in Copa del Rey Saturday morning. We are four athletes form Sporting that will race this weekend. The journey will be hard, 10 hours of driving, not to recommend the day before the race…


Sporting´s sponsor for this season, Lexus, will provide us with a good car which will make it a bit easier.

I’m going to race very tired. This week has been hard, im very tired after all the training. Yesterday i did the hardest track workout of the season 2x (6×400+2×300) hurt so much. Thank god i had the support of my coach and team mates…

Almost forgot 🙂 yesterday my interview for Bola TV was shown on TV. I couldn’t see it as i don’t have Bola TV. It will be released on the internet in a months time and then ill post it here. As you can see on the pictures we had great fun.

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