Fundão next!

I managed to survive the weekend with 8 hours of hard training. I actually felt much better than expected. This time i managed to do the series with the guys, 3x15min Z4 😉

photo 1


I’m enjoying the long bike workouts more and more. Who knows, soon i might do an Half Ironman (1.9km swim – 90km bike -21km run).

photo 2

On Sunday we had Sylvain riding with us. Sylvain is the owner of the brand that is sponsoring me, Compressport. He gave me a pair of the new fast, light weigh socks. The socks are great! Very light, comfortable and let your feet breathe during the workout.

photo 3

Next stop on the race calendar is Fundão! Its one of the stages of the Portuguese triathlon cup. The race is over the sprint distance (750m swim – 20km bike – 5km run). I don’t have any specific goals for this race, Its another preparing by big goal for this season. Unfortunately it will just be one start, meaning that men and women will start together. I prefer when we start before the men, its easier to control your position in the water and there is less confusion.


Fundao 2

I will be back with a race report next week 🙂



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