Race report from Fundao

4th overall, 2nd senior and victory for the team was the result from this weekends race in Fundao. Im very happy with the race and my knee was feeling good.

During the past five weeks i have been struggling a bit with my right knee, the knee i got operated on. I have been able to train without pain, but after the workouts the pain has appeared. The week before the race in Fundao the pain got a bit worse. Friday, the day before the race i went to see my osteopath Rui who has been helping me this season to keep my back pain under control. I see him once a week and the results have been very good. He told me that the pain in the knee was not related to the meniscus, which was a relief. I dont know what he did, but whatever he did it helped. The knee was feeling much better Saturday morning.


Back to the race…

I thought i did a good swim. Despite the fact that woman and men started together i didnt get caught in any confusion and i was able to swim without getting hit. When i left the water i noticed that the swim had been slow. The transition to the bike didnt go so well. The transition was difficult. We had about 100m to get the shoes on the feet before a long downhill. My left shoe caused me problems and the transition took much longer than it should.


Out on the bike i was feeling great. I always kept myself on the wheel of the guys and my legs were feeling very good. Our group was quite strong so we caught the girls ahead of us. Coming into the second transition we had caught the first girls and the podium would be decided on the run.




I did another bad transition and i left for the run quite behind the other four girls that was in the pack. I managed to catch one of them and finished 4th overall, 2nd senior and victory for the team.





Today we did a 3h bike ride over a hilly course to recover from yesterdays race 😉



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