Time Trial pictures

Pictures that were posted on Facebook by the Portuguese cycling federation.

Time Trial 1

Time trial 3

Time trial 2

Tomorrow night its time for the Sporting gala šŸ˜‰



Gaining experience

Thats what i did during sundays road race…did 7th among 18 girls in the elite class.

As i had won the National Champs in time trial the girls knew who i was and there was clearly a strategy to mark me during sundays race.

The race was supposed to be 120km, 6 laps, but they shorten it down to 100km. Thank god! The course was the same as the time trial course, which meant that we had to make a 3km hill each lap.

I knew that road racing was about tactics, but i dont think you understand how it really works till you are there. Mario (team director) had told us to stay in front of theĀ group and be attentive of any attack. I tried hard to get in front, but was always cut out. Despite that i was constantly afraid of falling. We were riding really close to each other and i almost fell a few times during the race.

Anadia 1

The first lap went really slow. On the second lap, while we were climbing the girls did an attack. I was stuck on the inside and couldn’t react on time. I tried hard to go after, but it was impossible. I stayed in the group. On the 4th lap, two girls did another attack and once more i was not able to go due to my bad position.

Anadia 2

I finished 7th, just 3 minutes after the winner. Im happy with the results and the experience gained.

Anadia 3

I cant wait till the next race šŸ™‚ Now i need to train harder and learn more about tactics.

Its been an amazing week! European Gold, time trial Gold in the elite class and i have gained lots of new experience!


Time to get back to work and train for my upcoming race in two weeks…after that its time for some well deserved vacation!

National Champion

I did it!!!Ā Im National Champion in time trial (bike).Ā 

I was the fastest girl riding those 19.3km.



It almost feels a bit good to be true. First the European gold medal and now im the National Champion in time trial. The Europeans and the time trial were my main objectives for this season.

I must admit that i was not expecting to win this race. I was the first girl to start and the favorites started last. Its always hard to start first, because you dont have any reference.

I took of in full speed and the legs were hurting quite a lot, but not enough to stop me. The course was not easy, quite hilly in fact. I always thought that time trials were flat, but i was clearly wrong. However, i felt pretty good climbing that 3km hill. I tried to do the downhills as fast as possible. I had no idea if i had done a good or bad race when i crossed the finish line, i just knew i had given all i had in those legs.


I think i started to understand that my time must have been quite good as it took a long time for the girl that started after me to show up. She started one minute after me, but i had to wait for quite some time for her to finish.


I always thought that the last girls would beat my time.Ā But that didnt happen! After all the girls had finished they announced it! I was the new National Champion šŸ™‚ I dont know why, but i started to cry. I think it was an accumulation of all emotions i had passed during the past days. I was so happy for my European gold medal, five days later i was national champion in time trial…something i thought would never happen. I had never done a bike race before.

Tomorrow a new challenge lies ahead of me! I will race 120km (bike). We will do 6 laps of 20km. This will be a different story. Im not nervous, ill simply just enjoy the ride and try to learn as much as possible from the race. As many of you might know, road racing is a lot about tactics and i know very little about that when it comes to cycling. Lets hope my legs wont die, they are in desperate need of some rest šŸ˜‰



Thank you Mario for making this possible!

Time to bike…

Tonight its time to travel north for tomorrows national championship in time trial (BIKE) followed by the national championship in cycling on Sunday (120km)

The time trial is at 3 pm and ill need to bike 19.7 km as fast as i can (below picture shows the course). The girl with the fastest time wins. Its my first time trial, so it will be a completely new experience for me.

Time trial

In the beginning of the season i had two main goals; the European champs and the time trial. The initial date for the time trial was in august, but for some reason they have decided to change it for tomorrow.

I think i have to face this challenge with a different approach and don’t put any specific goal for this race.Ā I’m very tired physically and emotionally from Sundays race. Its been super nice with all attention around the Europeans, but i still didn’t have time to recover. Yesterday i went for a bike session in Monsanto and my legs were not responding that well.

fotografia 12

I will bike as hard as i possibly can tomorrow and lets see how far that will take me…

fotografia 4

On Sunday ill enjoy the 120km. I have never done a cycling race before and I’m very curious to see how it works.

Lots of new experiences this weekend….





Seems like all interviews are coming out this week.

As you might remember i did an interview for BOLA TV a few months ago. It was broadcasted on TV, but now its available online.

Lets see if i have the courage to watch it šŸ˜‰


European Champion

I won the European Championship (AG 30-34)…Im European Champion šŸ™‚ What a feeling….

It was very special to have mum and dad present when i receivedĀ my gold medal.







It was by far the hardest race i have ever done, but i will tell you more about that in my full race report.

Now its time to re-charge the batteries for Fridays National Championship in time trial (bike). It will be a new experience for me, cant wait.














KitzbĆ¼hel here i come…

Tomorrow we are leaving Lisbon heading to Austria,Ā KitzbĆ¼hel for the European Age-Group championship.

I’m going together with AndrĆ©, Carlos and Pedro. Pedro and Carlos are part of SportingĀ“s Triathlon team and it will be their first international experience. Mum an dad will drive from Sweden and join us on Friday.


We have rented apartments approximately 20km from the city center. I’m sure that the view and the surrounding will be astonishing.

Despite the fact that i have passed some hard weeks physically and mentally i feel fit and ready for Sundays challenge.

The courseĀ is hard…

The swim will take place in a lake and we will swim one lap, 1500m

Bike Kitz

The bike consists of 2 laps, 20km each. The course is quite hilly…I feel strong on the bike, so i should manage the difficulties quite well.

Bike Kitz

The run…the run…what about the run. Yeah, well! The course is hard, which is not good for me as I’m “heavy”. Its also the only part where i don’t feel that confident. My running has been very inconsistent lately and the breathing problems is not helping. I assume, as in London that the raceĀ will be decided on the run.

Run course Kitz

I, as always, promise to do my best and give everything i have! I’m very please to be able to go andĀ I’m sure i will have lots of fun.

I’m not sure ill have internet connection in Austria, so i will return with a race report as soon as I’m back in Portugal.

Want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey…

Andre, for being the rock in my life…

My lovely family, you rock!!

Godmother Eva, Your support has been crucial for me.

Manuel Sousa, SportingĀ“s doctor that has supported me with all my issues during the past weeks.

Rui & Victor, for keeping my body in good condition.

Sportings Triathlon Team! thanks for being the best team ever.

And a big thanks to all my great friends, you have been fantastic (Special thanks toĀ Rui Bagueicho, Lili, & baby sis Cate)




Bike fit

It seems like my body is slowly getting back to normal…

I’m still on medication for the breathing issues I’m facing, but I’m much better. Yesterday i got the results of the MRI i did on the right knee. No major issues, but i need to see a physiotherapist and reinforce the muscles around the knee. I have been skipping some important gym sessions during this season and I’m paying the bill for that…Lesson learned.

Yesterday i did my first bike fit with Velofit System (the company that did the fit) http://www.velofitsystem.com/.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1


The purpose of the bike fit is for you to find the best possible position on your bike by adjusting whatever needs to be adjusted. Usually a fit takes around two hours, mine took a bit more than three hours. We adjusted the height of the saddle a few times and changed the position of the clips on the shoes. Minor adjustment that can make a big difference.

Just missing one week until we are leaving toĀ KitzbĆ¼hel… cant wait!

Tri Swim


Race Report

Did 6th overall, 2nd Senior and SportingĀ“s female team did 2nd Ā yesterday at Triatlo de Oerias.

Triatlo oeiras

Best team

I’m not quite sure that I’m happy with my race. The podium was decided on the run and if i had done the same run splitĀ as i did last year i would haveĀ comet 2nd or 3rd overall.

The swim was hard. The sea was rough and i never got any good rhythm. I was out of the water about a minute behind the first girls. Luckily i left the water with some strong cyclist and i knew the bike was going to be fast.

Triatlo Oeiras 5


Triatlo Oerias 6

Triatlo Oeiras 2

Did the best bike split of all girls thanks to the guys pushing my group. With some good tail wind on our back we were riding very fast and caught the first girls after 10km. At this point i knew it was going to be decided on the run.

I took a awful lot of time in the transition park and i lost some important time there. The run wasn’t good at all. The first lap was slow and when my legs finally started to cooperate my breathing became constrained and i suffered a lot.

Triatlo Oeiras 4

Triatlo Oeiras 3

I’m very proud of my team mate LilianaĀ whoĀ won the race. She did a fantastic race.Ā Vera VilaƧa (the Portuguese girl that lives in Sweden) did 3rd. Well done girl!

I just feel very worried at this point. My body is not ok and im not quite sure what it is. The psychological impact doesn’t help either i guess. I have to find some strength somewhere and hang on for another two weeks or so…