“Just Do It”

I think i did the toughest workout of this season on Sunday. It was the very hard physically and definitely the worse one mentally.

I didn’t wake up in a very good mood and i wasn’t really up for a hard workout. These are the moments when we need to kick in a strong mind and simply “just do it”

Besides that my body has decided to stop cooperating with me, which i of course don’t have time to listen to. I understand that my right knee is not quite ok, but it’s just missing three weeks till the European Champs and i need some more quality workouts. This week I will do an MRI on the knee to find out exactly what it is that is bothering me. I’m fully aware of that it might be the meniscus and that another surgery might be needed by the end of this season. But right know it’s all about distracting the mind away from the knee and focus on what has to be done.

Back to the workout…

The objective of the workout was to simulate Kitzbühel (hills on the run and bike). We had series on the bike and run over a very hilly course. The bike started off with one hour warm-up followed by 2x10km series in Z4. I didn’t want to do to the series alone so i made sure that i didn’t lose my team mate Carlo´s wheel. Maybe that wasn’t a clever decision as we don’t have the same zones and the fact the he is a stronger biker than i am. Well, i paid for that decision. I was suffering quite a lot on the first series…the blood taste in the mouth was there. I managed to do the second series even faster (1min and 30seconds) and i didn’t lose Carlos wheel.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

I paid of big time for my bike strategy on the run…It was just pain and frustration. We had 6x5min Z4 directly of the bike basically without any flat parts. I wasn’t able to keep my run zones and I was feeling extreemly frustrated with myself. I tend to take hard workouts very seriously and i want perform. The frustration of performing tends to cause much more stress than benefits, definitely something i need to work on…

I guess the positive part i take from this workout was that i didn’t give up and i completed it and i got a bit stronger mentally.

Sunday afternoon we went for an open water swim session. It was good to swim in the cold water.

photo 3

The weekend wasn’t just about pain 🙂 spent some really nice time with mum and dad (always great to have them here), watched the Portuguese Triathlete Joao Pereira finishing 3rd at WTS London and had a really good time at the event with Compressport on Saturday.

Just girls

Joao Pereira

Just girls 3

Almost forgot to share one thing….the preview of the bike course in Kitzbühel! So beautiful…can’t wait to race on that course…..

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