Bike fit

It seems like my body is slowly getting back to normal…

I’m still on medication for the breathing issues I’m facing, but I’m much better. Yesterday i got the results of the MRI i did on the right knee. No major issues, but i need to see a physiotherapist and reinforce the muscles around the knee. I have been skipping some important gym sessions during this season and I’m paying the bill for that…Lesson learned.

Yesterday i did my first bike fit with Velofit System (the company that did the fit)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1


The purpose of the bike fit is for you to find the best possible position on your bike by adjusting whatever needs to be adjusted. Usually a fit takes around two hours, mine took a bit more than three hours. We adjusted the height of the saddle a few times and changed the position of the clips on the shoes. Minor adjustment that can make a big difference.

Just missing one week until we are leaving to Kitzbühel… cant wait!

Tri Swim


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