Kitzbühel here i come…

Tomorrow we are leaving Lisbon heading to Austria, Kitzbühel for the European Age-Group championship.

I’m going together with André, Carlos and Pedro. Pedro and Carlos are part of Sporting´s Triathlon team and it will be their first international experience. Mum an dad will drive from Sweden and join us on Friday.


We have rented apartments approximately 20km from the city center. I’m sure that the view and the surrounding will be astonishing.

Despite the fact that i have passed some hard weeks physically and mentally i feel fit and ready for Sundays challenge.

The course is hard…

The swim will take place in a lake and we will swim one lap, 1500m

Bike Kitz

The bike consists of 2 laps, 20km each. The course is quite hilly…I feel strong on the bike, so i should manage the difficulties quite well.

Bike Kitz

The run…the run…what about the run. Yeah, well! The course is hard, which is not good for me as I’m “heavy”. Its also the only part where i don’t feel that confident. My running has been very inconsistent lately and the breathing problems is not helping. I assume, as in London that the race will be decided on the run.

Run course Kitz

I, as always, promise to do my best and give everything i have! I’m very please to be able to go and I’m sure i will have lots of fun.

I’m not sure ill have internet connection in Austria, so i will return with a race report as soon as I’m back in Portugal.

Want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey…

Andre, for being the rock in my life…

My lovely family, you rock!!

Godmother Eva, Your support has been crucial for me.

Manuel Sousa, Sporting´s doctor that has supported me with all my issues during the past weeks.

Rui & Victor, for keeping my body in good condition.

Sportings Triathlon Team! thanks for being the best team ever.

And a big thanks to all my great friends, you have been fantastic (Special thanks to Rui Bagueicho, Lili, & baby sis Cate)




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