Time to bike…

Tonight its time to travel north for tomorrows national championship in time trial (BIKE) followed by the national championship in cycling on Sunday (120km)

The time trial is at 3 pm and ill need to bike 19.7 km as fast as i can (below picture shows the course). The girl with the fastest time wins. Its my first time trial, so it will be a completely new experience for me.

Time trial

In the beginning of the season i had two main goals; the European champs and the time trial. The initial date for the time trial was in august, but for some reason they have decided to change it for tomorrow.

I think i have to face this challenge with a different approach and don’t put any specific goal for this race. I’m very tired physically and emotionally from Sundays race. Its been super nice with all attention around the Europeans, but i still didn’t have time to recover. Yesterday i went for a bike session in Monsanto and my legs were not responding that well.

fotografia 12

I will bike as hard as i possibly can tomorrow and lets see how far that will take me…

fotografia 4

On Sunday ill enjoy the 120km. I have never done a cycling race before and I’m very curious to see how it works.

Lots of new experiences this weekend….




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