Gaining experience

Thats what i did during sundays road race…did 7th among 18 girls in the elite class.

As i had won the National Champs in time trial the girls knew who i was and there was clearly a strategy to mark me during sundays race.

The race was supposed to be 120km, 6 laps, but they shorten it down to 100km. Thank god! The course was the same as the time trial course, which meant that we had to make a 3km hill each lap.

I knew that road racing was about tactics, but i dont think you understand how it really works till you are there. Mario (team director) had told us to stay in front of the group and be attentive of any attack. I tried hard to get in front, but was always cut out. Despite that i was constantly afraid of falling. We were riding really close to each other and i almost fell a few times during the race.

Anadia 1

The first lap went really slow. On the second lap, while we were climbing the girls did an attack. I was stuck on the inside and couldn’t react on time. I tried hard to go after, but it was impossible. I stayed in the group. On the 4th lap, two girls did another attack and once more i was not able to go due to my bad position.

Anadia 2

I finished 7th, just 3 minutes after the winner. Im happy with the results and the experience gained.

Anadia 3

I cant wait till the next race 🙂 Now i need to train harder and learn more about tactics.

Its been an amazing week! European Gold, time trial Gold in the elite class and i have gained lots of new experience!


Time to get back to work and train for my upcoming race in two weeks…after that its time for some well deserved vacation!

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