This morning i did my last workouts before vacation, 1h15 swim, 2h20 bike and 15 min run. 🙂

I will have five days off, no workouts, and then ill have one week with three to four workouts without any intensity.

I was really looking forward to this vacation period. My mind and body is in great need of some rest. The past months has been nice, but very intensive.

Tomorrow Andre and I will go to Italy. I have no idea where we are going. Andre has prepared the trip and I´m sure it will be full of nice surprises. After Italy we will spend ten days in Alentejo, St.Andre, at Andre´s summer place. My older brother and his girlfriend will join us, cant wait to spend some time with them.

Now its time to pack the bag, which is usually a complicated thing for me 😉




National Champions in Aquathlon

We did it, We are national champions in Aquatlhon! What a great way to end the first part of this season.


We were lucky and the pool confusion i wrote about never happened. They decided to proceed with the swim in the lake, thank god.

Our race only started at 19h00 yesterday. Liliana was the first out. She did a very good swim and was leading out of the water. She lost a bit on the run and handed over to Catarina in 2nd place. Catarina did a great performance and managed to regain the first place during her run.

Aquatlo alpiarca 2

Aquatlo Alpiarca

I was out last. I knew there were some strong swimmers and runners from the other teams. The other teams had very young girls racing, which is an advantage i would say. The older you get, the harder it gets to race short lactate races.

Aquatlo Alpiarca 1

I did a solid swim, nothing special. I had a girl from another team right on my heels. My transition to the run was terrible and the girl behind me passed in the transition park. I managed to put full speed and after about 400m i was leading.


Running 2km full out hurts quite a lot. But i think it helps to know what you have your team waiting for you at the finish line. It was a great feeling to pass that finish line, taking another victory with my team mates.

Vacation is almost starting, but not today! Today i did 6 hours of biking with an accumulated altitude of 1600m. Never did that much biking in my entire life. It was hard…especially for the head, but i did it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 😉





A bit confusing…

Tomorrow its time to race the National Team Championship in Aquathlon, the last race before my summer break.

Training has been going quite well during the last week and i feel in good shape. Managed to improve my lactate resistance a bit 😉


As explained earlier the race will be in a form of a relay where each athlete will swim 300m and run 2 km. Sporting will participate with one female team (Myself, Catarina and Liliana) and two male teams.

The confusing part…. is that we will no longer swim in the lake but in a swimming pool with buoys. Apparently the quality of the water is not good enough and last minute changes were made. I’m not quite sure how that is going to work? I have trained once in a swimming pool with buoys and it wasn’t easy…I guess I’m lucky doing the last leg, hopefully i wont be caught in any swimming pool battle.

We, the female team, are the favorites for the title. It would be fantastic to win another title before vacation…but its a race and anything can happen.


Myself, Catarina and Liliana!


Week full of lactate and heading down south for the weekend

This weekend we are heading south to Alentejo, St. André, with some friends….

Tomorrow i have 18 km run with series on the schedule and an easy bike ride on Sunday, a calm weekend i would say.

The workouts are decreasing but are more intensive (lactate) as we are preparing the National Team Championship in Aquathlon (Swim +Run) that will take place on the 27th of July.

The race will be in a form of a relay where each element will swim 300m and run 1,9km, full speed all the way (pure lactate race).

On Wednesday we did a very hard track session, 1 km + 4x200m, full out  (Z6). It’s not that much, but i can tell you it hurts when the lactate kicks in.

I’m enjoying these workouts, but i can feel that my body needs more adaptation.

Well, now its time to enjoy the weekend!

Blog Weekend



We are the Champions…

We won the Portuguese Triathlon Cup yesterday; it’s the first time that Sporting wins the cup.

photo 33



All the team did a great effort and i did my best individual result in Portugal this year despite going to the race with no individual objective, 3rd overall and 2nd Senior.

photo 222

photo 2

I was not quite expecting this result as I’m still a bit tired after all the racing.

The swim went very well and for the first time i left the water among the first girls.

photo 5

photo 22

I lost some time in T1 at the mount line, didn’t get enough space to mount my bike and lost the first pack. There we just two girls in the first pack and we were close behind.

The wind was very strong on the bike and i decided to stay in the middle of the pack and get as much protection as possible.

Did a good second transition and went out for the run. I did a very good run, below 19min for the 5km, finally some good feelings on the run!

photo 1

photo 4

This race was also the National Championship for juniors. Catarina and Tamara from Sporting did 2nd and 3rd, well done girls!

I’m really happy with the teams result and my individual contribution.

Its missing two weeks till the National Team Championships in Aquathlon and then it’s time to get some rest before starting to prepare the rest of the season.

photo 3




A few more weeks to go

I will have to wait a few more weeks before i can go on “vacation”.

On Sunday we have the last race of the Portuguese Triathlon Cup in Esposende (north). We, Sporting’s female triathlon team are leading the cup with quite some margin and we will win unless something unexpected happens. On the 27th of July i have the last race before my summer break, the National Team Championships in Aquathlon (swim/run)


My body is in great need of some rest after last week’s races. I feel that i have not been able to recover well from the Europeans and the cycling races. My legs tired and they don’t respond nor recover after harder workouts.

Last night i went for a run and i felt like pretty bad. It’s amazing how running can be so easy when you are feeling good and yet your biggest nightmare when your legs don’t want to cooperate. The past weekend we trained quite hard, so that might be the reason. On Saturday we did a tough hill session on the bike in Monsanto, 3 x (1km Z5+ 1 km Z3 + 1km Z5) followed by a swim session in the afternoon.

Sunday we were hitting it hard again with a transition training where we did 1km full out on the bike followed by 1km in Zone 6 on the run. This was repeated three times. It might not sound much, but i can tell you that it hurts, especially if you are tired.

Trans 1

Trans 2

Trans 3

Trans 4

On Sunday I will enjoy another race! No individual goals, it’s all for the team. Hopefully we will be able to win the Portuguese Triathlon Cup.


Sporting Gala

On the 1st of July Sporting celebrated its 108th birthday. They decided to it in big style, by organizing a gala at MEO Arena. In fact it was Sporting´s first gala.


photo 5

I had been invited as an athlete.

photo 4

The Gala was supposed to start at 19h00, but taking in consideration that its in Portugal 😉 it only started at 20h30. Well, in fact it didn’t start at 20h30. We were just allowed to enter the arena at 20h30 and it took almost an hour to get to our table…well, well…the one that waits for something good never waits too long.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Despite all the delays, I ended up having a great time.


The Gala went on till 2am, way past bed time for me…