Sporting Gala

On the 1st of July Sporting celebrated its 108th birthday. They decided to it in big style, by organizing a gala at MEO Arena. In fact it was Sporting´s first gala.


photo 5

I had been invited as an athlete.

photo 4

The Gala was supposed to start at 19h00, but taking in consideration that its in Portugal 😉 it only started at 20h30. Well, in fact it didn’t start at 20h30. We were just allowed to enter the arena at 20h30 and it took almost an hour to get to our table…well, well…the one that waits for something good never waits too long.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Despite all the delays, I ended up having a great time.


The Gala went on till 2am, way past bed time for me…

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