A few more weeks to go

I will have to wait a few more weeks before i can go on “vacation”.

On Sunday we have the last race of the Portuguese Triathlon Cup in Esposende (north). We, Sporting’s female triathlon team are leading the cup with quite some margin and we will win unless something unexpected happens. On the 27th of July i have the last race before my summer break, the National Team Championships in Aquathlon (swim/run)


My body is in great need of some rest after last week’s races. I feel that i have not been able to recover well from the Europeans and the cycling races. My legs tired and they don’t respond nor recover after harder workouts.

Last night i went for a run and i felt like pretty bad. It’s amazing how running can be so easy when you are feeling good and yet your biggest nightmare when your legs don’t want to cooperate. The past weekend we trained quite hard, so that might be the reason. On Saturday we did a tough hill session on the bike in Monsanto, 3 x (1km Z5+ 1 km Z3 + 1km Z5) followed by a swim session in the afternoon.

Sunday we were hitting it hard again with a transition training where we did 1km full out on the bike followed by 1km in Zone 6 on the run. This was repeated three times. It might not sound much, but i can tell you that it hurts, especially if you are tired.

Trans 1

Trans 2

Trans 3

Trans 4

On Sunday I will enjoy another race! No individual goals, it’s all for the team. Hopefully we will be able to win the Portuguese Triathlon Cup.


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