We are the Champions…

We won the Portuguese Triathlon Cup yesterday; it’s the first time that Sporting wins the cup.

photo 33



All the team did a great effort and i did my best individual result in Portugal this year despite going to the race with no individual objective, 3rd overall and 2nd Senior.

photo 222

photo 2

I was not quite expecting this result as I’m still a bit tired after all the racing.

The swim went very well and for the first time i left the water among the first girls.

photo 5

photo 22

I lost some time in T1 at the mount line, didn’t get enough space to mount my bike and lost the first pack. There we just two girls in the first pack and we were close behind.

The wind was very strong on the bike and i decided to stay in the middle of the pack and get as much protection as possible.

Did a good second transition and went out for the run. I did a very good run, below 19min for the 5km, finally some good feelings on the run!

photo 1

photo 4

This race was also the National Championship for juniors. Catarina and Tamara from Sporting did 2nd and 3rd, well done girls!

I’m really happy with the teams result and my individual contribution.

Its missing two weeks till the National Team Championships in Aquathlon and then it’s time to get some rest before starting to prepare the rest of the season.

photo 3




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