Week full of lactate and heading down south for the weekend

This weekend we are heading south to Alentejo, St. André, with some friends….

Tomorrow i have 18 km run with series on the schedule and an easy bike ride on Sunday, a calm weekend i would say.

The workouts are decreasing but are more intensive (lactate) as we are preparing the National Team Championship in Aquathlon (Swim +Run) that will take place on the 27th of July.

The race will be in a form of a relay where each element will swim 300m and run 1,9km, full speed all the way (pure lactate race).

On Wednesday we did a very hard track session, 1 km + 4x200m, full out  (Z6). It’s not that much, but i can tell you it hurts when the lactate kicks in.

I’m enjoying these workouts, but i can feel that my body needs more adaptation.

Well, now its time to enjoy the weekend!

Blog Weekend



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