A bit confusing…

Tomorrow its time to race the National Team Championship in Aquathlon, the last race before my summer break.

Training has been going quite well during the last week and i feel in good shape. Managed to improve my lactate resistance a bit šŸ˜‰


As explained earlier the race will be in a form of a relay where each athlete will swim 300m and run 2 km. Sporting will participate with one female team (Myself, Catarina and Liliana) and two male teams.

The confusing part…. is that we will no longer swim in the lake but in a swimming pool with buoys. Apparently the quality of the water is not good enough and last minute changes were made. I’m not quite sure how that is going to work? I have trainedĀ once in a swimming pool with buoys and it wasn’t easy…I guess I’m lucky doing the last leg, hopefully i wont be caught in any swimming pool battle.

We, the female team,Ā are the favorites for the title. It would be fantastic to win another title before vacation…but its a race and anything can happen.


Myself, Catarina and Liliana!


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