National Champions in Aquathlon

We did it, We are national champions in Aquatlhon! What a great way to end the first part of this season.


We were lucky and the pool confusion i wrote about never happened. They decided to proceed with the swim in the lake, thank god.

Our race only started at 19h00 yesterday. Liliana was the first out. She did a very good swim and was leading out of the water. She lost a bit on the run and handed over to Catarina in 2nd place. Catarina did a great performance and managed to regain the first place during her run.

Aquatlo alpiarca 2

Aquatlo Alpiarca

I was out last. I knew there were some strong swimmers and runners from the other teams. The other teams had very young girls racing, which is an advantage i would say. The older you get, the harder it gets to race short lactate races.

Aquatlo Alpiarca 1

I did a solid swim, nothing special. I had a girl from another team right on my heels. My transition to the run was terrible and the girl behind me passed in the transition park. I managed to put full speed and after about 400m i was leading.


Running 2km full out hurts quite a lot. But i think it helps to know what you have your team waiting for you at the finish line. It was a great feeling to pass that finish line, taking another victory with my team mates.

Vacation is almost starting, but not today! Today i did 6 hours of biking with an accumulated altitude of 1600m. Never did that much biking in my entire life. It was hard…especially for the head, but i did it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 😉





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