This morning i did my last workouts before vacation, 1h15 swim, 2h20 bike and 15 min run. 🙂

I will have five days off, no workouts, and then ill have one week with three to four workouts without any intensity.

I was really looking forward to this vacation period. My mind and body is in great need of some rest. The past months has been nice, but very intensive.

Tomorrow Andre and I will go to Italy. I have no idea where we are going. Andre has prepared the trip and I´m sure it will be full of nice surprises. After Italy we will spend ten days in Alentejo, St.Andre, at Andre´s summer place. My older brother and his girlfriend will join us, cant wait to spend some time with them.

Now its time to pack the bag, which is usually a complicated thing for me 😉



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