Back in business…

Vacation is over and I’m back in the office and training routines.

photo 1

It’s amazing how fast yr body adapts to the “lazy” life style which includes lots of sleeping, good food, wine and relaxing on the beach.

photo 2

I can’t remember last time i had vacation without needing to train hard. Last year i was preparing the AG World Championship, so my days were filled with workouts.

This year i could enjoy my vacation in a different way. Did a few bike workouts to stimulate the muscles and the rest of the time was spent on the beach.

photo 5


photo 3

It’s time to get back to my old routines, which basically means work and workouts. It’s missing two months of racing and then the season will be over.

The first workouts this week have been hard; my body is still in slow motion mode. I will have three quite hard weeks ahead of me preparing the race coming up on the 21st of September. Sporting’s female team is after the National title in Triathlon for teams. We have won the Portuguese Cup and the Aquathlon. It would be fantastic if we could get the National title in triathlon as well…

I hope that all of you living in Stockholm will go and see the WTS race that will take place on Saturday. Unfortunately Lisa Norden wont race due to another injury, but a friend of mine, Melanie Santos will make her debut in such a big event.

A video from WTS Stockholm from last year….the amazing Alistaire Brownlee dominating.


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