Building the base

Training is going well, building up the base for the remaining part of the season. Despite feeling a bit tired after almost two week of hard workouts i can still feel that i can perform during my workouts. The hardest has been coming back to the swim workouts. We started off pretty hard with the swim and i noticed that i lost quite a lot of water sensibility during the weeks of vacation. As i consider swimming to be my biggest frustration in triathlon its always hard to get back.I’m trying not to stress too much about the fact that its not going as fast as i would like to.

photo 5


photo 4

The swim has been slow, but i have been feeling good during run and bike workouts. We are doing lots of base training on the run and bike which will be very beneficial for the remaining part of the season.

photo 3


photo 1

The only issue concerning me right now is a heartburn that I’m struggling with. I have had some on and off issues with my stomach for about a month now and the past week has been worse. I have got some quite strong heartburn that doesn’t seem to want to go away. I will start to apply a very strict diet and ill see the doctor next week, hopefully its nothing serious.


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