Victory and long distance race approaching

Yesterday i won the bike race in St. André (100km). The purpose of the race was to prepare next weekend’s race. I was suffering a bit in the beginning as the guys started to push hard right from the beginning (45km/h), but eventually i was feeling better. I can still feel that I’m a bit afraid after the crash. Sharp turns and steep down hills makes me slightly shaky!

St.Andre 1

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St.Andre 3

St.Andre Bike

St.Andre 4

After the bike i headed out on a run session with series. The first 20 minutes were painful and i started to doubt my participation in next’s week’s long distance race where i will have to run 21km after 90km bike.

photo 1

What i have understood about long distance is that its 90% about mental capacity. I have had many long workouts during the past weeks and it’s not been easy.

There have been many moments where i just want to quit and step aside. But somewhere i have found an extra gear and kept on.



It doesn’t always turn out the way we want…

We did not manage to win the National Championship for teams (time trial), but finished in 2nd place about 2 minutes behind the winning team Águias.



2nd place is not bad, but i really wanted the victory.

One of the main reasons why we did not manage to bring the title back to Alvalade was due to my poor bike.

The teams were starting in intervals of one minute. Being in the 2nd place of the ranking we started one minute ahead of Águias. The strategy was clear. Liliana and Catarina would swim in their pace and i would catch them on the bike and push the 43km over a hilly course. The idea was to create a gap on the bike so that Águias wouldn’t catch us during the run.

Catarina and Liliana went off. Besides the fact that i had not been swimming for ten days i managed to keep a good pace and I just left the water 40 seconds after the girls. Running up to the transition park i felt as my legs were made of jelly. This has happened before and the legs tend to loosen up on the bike.


This was not the case. The legs never felt good and i was suffering to catch the girls. Once i caught them and went to the front there was not much to give.


I did what i could and we were never caught my Águias, but the gap was not enough as they ended up catching us on the first lap of the run.

Triatlo Sabugal

I fully understand the reason behind my bad performance but i still cant feel satisfied.

Now it’s missing less than two weeks to the National long distance Championship.

Race time and new challenges coming up

This weekend I’m back racing again at the National Team Championship (time trial). The objective for the weekend is to win, but we will be up against strong competition.

My wound on the arm has not healed yet, but i have started to swim anyway.To protect the wound I’m using waterproof plasters and a spray, I would say that it’s working just fine.The feeling in the water is not the best; you lose a lot of swim fitness when yr not able to swim for ten days.

The positive thing about not being able to swim is that you can improve your bike and run. Last week i biked around 300km and ran almost 70km. In general that’s the positive thing about Triathlon. When you can’t do one of the segments you focus on the other segments and hopefully improve.

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The crash has actually made me add another challenge for this season. I will participate in the National long distance championship that will take place on the 5th of October. The race is a half IM (1,9km swim- 90km bike – 21km run). I have never raced over such a long distance before. The biggest challenge for me will be to make sure i don’t “blow” too early. There is no doubt that i will hit the wall at some time, but i need to delay that process as late in the race as possible.

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Back on the road

Tomorrow i will try to finish the 150km that i didn’t do last Saturday when i crashed at km 45.

It’s good to get back on the road as soon as possible after a crash to avoid getting any unnecessary fears. I’m sure confidence won’t be on top, but i have to get out there…

I’m not able to swim yet which is slowly starting to stress me. Next race is coming around the corner and i want to be on that start line supporting the team. It’s just missing two stages of the National Team Championships and we have a good chance to win the Championship this season. The race on the 21st of September will be in a form of a time trial. The team has to swim, bike and run together. I raced a team time trial in Spain earlier this season and enjoyed it very much.

Hopefully the wound on the arm will heal fast and ill be able to race on the 21st…



The Crash

The workouts have been harder and harder, but i have been feeling quite good and coped well with the load. I have finally started to feel good in the swimming pool. Not the perfect timing to crash on the bike.



Saturday the Sporting Triathlon team were invited to spend the day at our team mate Bruno Silva´s place. He has a really nice house on the other side of the river. The plan was to ride 150km with series and have a BBQ after the workout.  The weather wasn’t that good Saturday morning and i started to rain the moment we started our workout. The first rain of the summer is always a bit tricky as the roads get very wet and slippery from all dirt that is mixed with the water. We did about an hour of warm-up before we were going to start our 20min series. The first one went very well. I managed to stay among the first pack with some really strong riders. The rain was poring down.



The second one didnt went as planned. We started the series and we were approaching a roundabout in full speed. I dont remember what happened. Just felt that my front wheel lost grip and bang…it hit the ground in full speed. I guess i got a bit chocked as i started to cry intensively. It didn’t got any better when i saw the cut on my left arm. I pretty much got hysteric. It didnt take long for the ambulance to arrive. I was transported to a hospital near by. I must say that it was the worse hospital i have ever been to and the doctor nearly spoke to me. They washed my wounds and sent me back home. No X-rays, nothing!

Despite the accident we had a very good afternoon at Bruno´s place.






Today i decided to go back to a hospital in Lisbon to make sure i was ok. The wound on my left arm had already got infected due to the bad treatment yesterday. They cleaned it properly, gave me a tetanus injection and medication.

I wont be able to swim for a week or so, but ill run and bike. its important to get back on the bike as soon as possible. I dont want to gain any fears. I had a similar accident a few years ago and it took some time to get over the fear of riding in roundabouts.

I truly hope ill be able to race in two weeks time.