The Crash

The workouts have been harder and harder, but i have been feeling quite good and coped well with the load. I have finally started to feel good in the swimming pool. Not the perfect timing to crash on the bike.



Saturday the Sporting Triathlon team were invited to spend the day at our team mate Bruno Silva´s place. He has a really nice house on the other side of the river. The plan was to ride 150km with series and have a BBQ after the workout.  The weather wasn’t that good Saturday morning and i started to rain the moment we started our workout. The first rain of the summer is always a bit tricky as the roads get very wet and slippery from all dirt that is mixed with the water. We did about an hour of warm-up before we were going to start our 20min series. The first one went very well. I managed to stay among the first pack with some really strong riders. The rain was poring down.



The second one didnt went as planned. We started the series and we were approaching a roundabout in full speed. I dont remember what happened. Just felt that my front wheel lost grip and bang…it hit the ground in full speed. I guess i got a bit chocked as i started to cry intensively. It didn’t got any better when i saw the cut on my left arm. I pretty much got hysteric. It didnt take long for the ambulance to arrive. I was transported to a hospital near by. I must say that it was the worse hospital i have ever been to and the doctor nearly spoke to me. They washed my wounds and sent me back home. No X-rays, nothing!

Despite the accident we had a very good afternoon at Bruno´s place.






Today i decided to go back to a hospital in Lisbon to make sure i was ok. The wound on my left arm had already got infected due to the bad treatment yesterday. They cleaned it properly, gave me a tetanus injection and medication.

I wont be able to swim for a week or so, but ill run and bike. its important to get back on the bike as soon as possible. I dont want to gain any fears. I had a similar accident a few years ago and it took some time to get over the fear of riding in roundabouts.

I truly hope ill be able to race in two weeks time.


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