Back on the road

Tomorrow i will try to finish the 150km that i didn’t do last Saturday when i crashed at km 45.

It’s good to get back on the road as soon as possible after a crash to avoid getting any unnecessary fears. I’m sure confidence won’t be on top, but i have to get out there…

I’m not able to swim yet which is slowly starting to stress me. Next race is coming around the corner and i want to be on that start line supporting the team. It’s just missing two stages of the National Team Championships and we have a good chance to win the Championship this season. The race on the 21st of September will be in a form of a time trial. The team has to swim, bike and run together. I raced a team time trial in Spain earlier this season and enjoyed it very much.

Hopefully the wound on the arm will heal fast and ill be able to race on the 21st…



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