Race time and new challenges coming up

This weekend I’m back racing again at the National Team Championship (time trial). The objective for the weekend is to win, but we will be up against strong competition.

My wound on the arm has not healed yet, but i have started to swim anyway.To protect the wound I’m using waterproof plasters and a spray, I would say that it’s working just fine.The feeling in the water is not the best; you lose a lot of swim fitness when yr not able to swim for ten days.

The positive thing about not being able to swim is that you can improve your bike and run. Last week i biked around 300km and ran almost 70km. In general that’s the positive thing about Triathlon. When you can’t do one of the segments you focus on the other segments and hopefully improve.

photo 4


photo 2

photo 11

The crash has actually made me add another challenge for this season. I will participate in the National long distance championship that will take place on the 5th of October. The race is a half IM (1,9km swim- 90km bike – 21km run). I have never raced over such a long distance before. The biggest challenge for me will be to make sure i don’t “blow” too early. There is no doubt that i will hit the wall at some time, but i need to delay that process as late in the race as possible.

photo 1

photo 3

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