It doesn’t always turn out the way we want…

We did not manage to win the National Championship for teams (time trial), but finished in 2nd place about 2 minutes behind the winning team Águias.



2nd place is not bad, but i really wanted the victory.

One of the main reasons why we did not manage to bring the title back to Alvalade was due to my poor bike.

The teams were starting in intervals of one minute. Being in the 2nd place of the ranking we started one minute ahead of Águias. The strategy was clear. Liliana and Catarina would swim in their pace and i would catch them on the bike and push the 43km over a hilly course. The idea was to create a gap on the bike so that Águias wouldn’t catch us during the run.

Catarina and Liliana went off. Besides the fact that i had not been swimming for ten days i managed to keep a good pace and I just left the water 40 seconds after the girls. Running up to the transition park i felt as my legs were made of jelly. This has happened before and the legs tend to loosen up on the bike.


This was not the case. The legs never felt good and i was suffering to catch the girls. Once i caught them and went to the front there was not much to give.


I did what i could and we were never caught my Águias, but the gap was not enough as they ended up catching us on the first lap of the run.

Triatlo Sabugal

I fully understand the reason behind my bad performance but i still cant feel satisfied.

Now it’s missing less than two weeks to the National long distance Championship.

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