Victory and long distance race approaching

Yesterday i won the bike race in St. André (100km). The purpose of the race was to prepare next weekend’s race. I was suffering a bit in the beginning as the guys started to push hard right from the beginning (45km/h), but eventually i was feeling better. I can still feel that I’m a bit afraid after the crash. Sharp turns and steep down hills makes me slightly shaky!

St.Andre 1

photo2 2


St.Andre 3

St.Andre Bike

St.Andre 4

After the bike i headed out on a run session with series. The first 20 minutes were painful and i started to doubt my participation in next’s week’s long distance race where i will have to run 21km after 90km bike.

photo 1

What i have understood about long distance is that its 90% about mental capacity. I have had many long workouts during the past weeks and it’s not been easy.

There have been many moments where i just want to quit and step aside. But somewhere i have found an extra gear and kept on.


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