Sara is back

Its just missing a bit more than a week to my debut in long distance. I’m feeling quite well and fit for fight.

One of my best friends from Sweden, Sara, is here visiting me with her boyfriend. We got to know each other when we both practiced athletics at MAI in Malmö. (more than 10 years ago) Sara has been visiting me eight times since i moved down to Portugal. She has been following and supporting me on my triathlon journey from the very beginning….

As we both have a passion for Sports and running its always easy to have her around. She understands and adapts very well to my hectic lifestyle!

Yesterday i had my last track session for this season, 10 x 1000m with 1min rest. With the support from Sara and her boyfriend Andreas i ended up doing a really nice session.

This morning Sara and Andreas joined Sporting Triathlon team in the pool. Sara wasn’t able to swim 3 years ago and today she surprised me by pulling of 2 km in the pool. Well done Sara! Who knows, she might just start to do triathlon… (hope so)

The Gang after the track workout

The Gang after the track workout

Below is the link to Sara´s blog.

SARA IVARSSON – Move in balance


More training

Two weeks missing till my last race of this season, one more week of hard workouts.

The workouts are longer, but not that intensive as if i was training for a sprint or olympic distance race.

Below are some pics from todays workout…3h bike and 1h15 run




Today I got surprised by knowing Im nominated for the female cyclist of the year by Roda na Frente. An honor just to be nominated 🙂


Hard task

Finished 6th today at Corrida do Aeroporto.


It was a very hard to do 3h of bike and a 10km run the day after a triathlon race. The legs were not willing to cooperate as much as i wanted them to and i was mentally exhausted. It takes quite some energy to prepare for an important race.


I leave this race weekend satisfied with my results. Im very happy with yesterdays podium and that i managed to overcome todays mental challenge.


3rd at the National Champs

Did 3rd overall at the National Championship in Olympic distance today. Im very happy with my result. My team mate Liliana did a great race and finished 2nd.


The swim was terrible. The water was extremely choppy and it was impossible to see the buoys. Besides being choppy it was dirty, dead rats and other less pleasant things floating around. I was out about 1min and 30 seconds behind the first girls. The bike went well and on the 3rd lap i had caught the first pack. I tried to break away from the group at one time, but it was not possible.

The run was ok. Not good, not bad! Forgot my energy gel in the transition park and i felt lack of energy on the last lap of the run. A mistake i shouldn’t do with so many years of experience.

Im happy with todays race and motivated to run the 10km tomorrow. But before the run i have 2h of bike, so i hope my legs will cope.





Race weekend around the corner

The race has a new date, on Saturday.

This weekend ill race Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday ill be racing the National Championship in Olympic distance and on Sunday ill do a 10km road race. (Corrida do Aeroporto). Did 2nd last year.

I’m not going to taper for the race on Saturday, instead ill continue to focus on the race on the 9th off November. I cant “lose” more time now.

Today i have a quite hard (mentally) track session ahead of me, 8x1000m…

Just do it!


No Race

The race was cancelled today due to bad weather. I don´t know when the race will take place.

As the weather was bad i did 2h10 on the trainer in the morning and will soon head out on a one hour run in the rain…



Its time to start to focus on the long distance race now.


National Championship

On Sunday it’s time to race again! It’s time for the National Championship in Olympic distance. (pictures from last year)

Lisbon 2013-5

The race will take place in Lisbon, Belem.

Lisbon 2013-3

In 2012 i raced my best Olympic distance (1.5km – 40km – 10km) race ever on this course. I was second overall, just about two minutes behind Anais Moniz who was junior world champion back in 2005. It was just one of those races when everything worked so well…

Last year my race didn’t go that well. In fact it was a true disappointment.

Lisbon 2013-1

I’m not quite sure what objective i have for Sunday. I would like to fight for a medal, but i know that competition will be strong. After the accident and since we added the long distance race on my race calendar i have started to change my mindset and focus more on the long distance. It has helped me to take of the pressure i put on myself and not worry too much about the swim. What i have learned throughout the years is that the more i want from my swim performance, the less i get. The swim is fundamental in Short distance racing. My swim has improved the past week, but I’m still lacking confidence in the water.

Lisbon 2013-4

As the woman won’t be allowed to go in the wheels (draft) of the men it should be to my benefit. That is of course if my legs will be able to do a hard 40km bike.  The run is always the run. Some days you feel good others you don’t. I will set my strategy for Sunday and i will do my utmost to complete it, but a race is a race.

Lisbon 2013-2

Rotapro and MALO Clinic Beauty Care & Fitness

Really happy to announce that i have a new support on board!

Rotapro will support me with the best swim goggles for open water on the market, ZOGGS Predator Flex Reactor Swimming Goggles and later on i will also get support with the brand ZOOT. (Hopefully ill get my a very nice race suit for the long distance race in November)



On top of this i will get support from the beauty clinic MALO Clinic Beauty Care and MALO Clinic Fitness. I will be able to use their very nice facilities (SPA & Gym) as much as i wish. I’m sure they will take good care of me 😉

Malo Clinic

Malo Clinic Fitness

Triathlon, as many of you know is a very expensive sport and all the support you get as an athlete is highly appreciated.

Thank you Rotapro and MALO Clinic for giving me this support!


Race cancelled…

I will have to wait another month before i do my debut in long distance.

The race that was supposed to take place tomorrow was cancelled. The race was planned in this years race calendar, but as the location was just confirmed one week before the race athletes started to protest and the federation decided to cancel the race.

At first i got upset, but then realized that i would actually benefit from this race cancellation. I will be able to add one month of hard training and the best part is that the race will take place on the Azores (São Miguel Island). I have never been to the Azores before.

Arronche 2014