National Championship

On Sunday it’s time to race again! It’s time for the National Championship in Olympic distance. (pictures from last year)

Lisbon 2013-5

The race will take place in Lisbon, Belem.

Lisbon 2013-3

In 2012 i raced my best Olympic distance (1.5km – 40km – 10km) race ever on this course. I was second overall, just about two minutes behind Anais Moniz who was junior world champion back in 2005. It was just one of those races when everything worked so well…

Last year my race didn’t go that well. In fact it was a true disappointment.

Lisbon 2013-1

I’m not quite sure what objective i have for Sunday. I would like to fight for a medal, but i know that competition will be strong. After the accident and since we added the long distance race on my race calendar i have started to change my mindset and focus more on the long distance. It has helped me to take of the pressure i put on myself and not worry too much about the swim. What i have learned throughout the years is that the more i want from my swim performance, the less i get. The swim is fundamental in Short distance racing. My swim has improved the past week, but I’m still lacking confidence in the water.

Lisbon 2013-4

As the woman won’t be allowed to go in the wheels (draft) of the men it should be to my benefit. That is of course if my legs will be able to do a hard 40km bike.  The run is always the run. Some days you feel good others you don’t. I will set my strategy for Sunday and i will do my utmost to complete it, but a race is a race.

Lisbon 2013-2

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