3rd at the National Champs

Did 3rd overall at the National Championship in Olympic distance today. Im very happy with my result. My team mate Liliana did a great race and finished 2nd.


The swim was terrible. The water was extremely choppy and it was impossible to see the buoys. Besides being choppy it was dirty, dead rats and other less pleasant things floating around. I was out about 1min and 30 seconds behind the first girls. The bike went well and on the 3rd lap i had caught the first pack. I tried to break away from the group at one time, but it was not possible.

The run was ok. Not good, not bad! Forgot my energy gel in the transition park and i felt lack of energy on the last lap of the run. A mistake i shouldn’t do with so many years of experience.

Im happy with todays race and motivated to run the 10km tomorrow. But before the run i have 2h of bike, so i hope my legs will cope.





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