Sara is back

Its just missing a bit more than a week to my debut in long distance. I’m feeling quite well and fit for fight.

One of my best friends from Sweden, Sara, is here visiting me with her boyfriend. We got to know each other when we both practiced athletics at MAI in Malmö. (more than 10 years ago) Sara has been visiting me eight times since i moved down to Portugal. She has been following and supporting me on my triathlon journey from the very beginning….

As we both have a passion for Sports and running its always easy to have her around. She understands and adapts very well to my hectic lifestyle!

Yesterday i had my last track session for this season, 10 x 1000m with 1min rest. With the support from Sara and her boyfriend Andreas i ended up doing a really nice session.

This morning Sara and Andreas joined Sporting Triathlon team in the pool. Sara wasn’t able to swim 3 years ago and today she surprised me by pulling of 2 km in the pool. Well done Sara! Who knows, she might just start to do triathlon… (hope so)

The Gang after the track workout

The Gang after the track workout

Below is the link to Sara´s blog.

SARA IVARSSON – Move in balance

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