Photo shoot with Alex

I’m enjoying my time off very much. I have time to do things that i never have time to do during the season.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my Portuguese “brother” Alex and his family.

As Alex is a great photographer we took the opportunity to take some nice pictures. I’m very happy with the result.

Thank you so much Alex.







2nd at the Nationals in Long Distance

The season ended with a 2nd place at the Nationals in Long Distance. Just 1min 46 sec after Vanessa Pereira who has competed over the distance for more than 5 years.

I did a great swim, had the 3rd best swim among men and woman. Out on the bike i felt a bit distracted. I did not quite know how much i should have pushed to cope with the 21km run that was waiting for me (more experience needed). Vanessa was caught me on the 3rd lap. We kept a distance of 1 minute all the way to the second transition. The bike course was hard. Some hills, difficult turns and quite windy.



I felt better than expected on the run. It was all about controlling the pace. I just felt tired on the last lap.


Long distance is about mental capacity and controlling your own race.

I could not have finished the season in a better way! Next season ill definitely focus more on the long distance.


Now its time to rest for two weeks!

Three days to go

Its just three days missing of this very long season…

The last open water swim workout this season

The last open water swim workout this season…

Usually I end the season after the nationals in Lisbon, but this year i extended it to race the long distance on Sunday.

I managed to reach all objectives that i had for this season by winning the European Championship (AG 30-34) and the Portuguese National Championship in Time trial (bike). The 3rd place at the Nationals in Olympic distance was a clear bonus for me.

Not to forget to mention all the achievements I had together with Sportings Female Tri-Team. As a team we had a fantastic season by winning the Portuguese Triathlon Cup. We were National Champions in Aquathlon,  Duathlon and second at the National Championship in Triathlon.

I could not have asked for a better season.

But its not quite over yet. I still have the biggest mental challenge waiting for me, the Nationals in long distance. The race is over the half Ironman distance (1,9km swim – 90km bike – 21km run). As mentioned before I have never done any long distance race before.

I know that I’m physically fit (trained a lot), but there are more factors that can affect a race, nutrition and mental capacity will be crucial. I cant forget to drink or eat during the race. I must admit that I’m not so good handling the nutrition during a race. I get all caught up in the racing that i tend to forget to drink and eat. This cant happen on Sunday as i cant keep this body moving for more than four hours without refueling.

Sunday its all about gaining experience and enjoying the last race of this season.

photo 2

There are some people that have been crucial in this preparation. My dear friend Bruno Silva who has been my training partner for the past weeks. We have supported and pushed each other through the hard workouts. Would not have been able to do the long workouts without him.

André, who has been handling all the mood swings when i have been really tired 😉 thank you for your unconditional support.

Mario, who is always telling me “its just another race” 😉

My friends, big thanks to Sara and Andreas for the support while you were here. My family, my godmother Eva, Rui Gama & Victor Carapelho (thanks for keeping my body together) my great team mates from Sporting and Francisco Julio de Jesus.

And last, but not least! A big thank you to all my sponsors who have been providing me with great material during this season to do what i like most.

Swim, bike and Run!

The rainbow that was covering the sky during our last swim workout...

The rainbow that was covering the sky during our last swim workout…