2nd at the Nationals in Long Distance

The season ended with a 2nd place at the Nationals in Long Distance. Just 1min 46 sec after Vanessa Pereira who has competed over the distance for more than 5 years.

I did a great swim, had the 3rd best swim among men and woman. Out on the bike i felt a bit distracted. I did not quite know how much i should have pushed to cope with the 21km run that was waiting for me (more experience needed). Vanessa was caught me on the 3rd lap. We kept a distance of 1 minute all the way to the second transition. The bike course was hard. Some hills, difficult turns and quite windy.



I felt better than expected on the run. It was all about controlling the pace. I just felt tired on the last lap.


Long distance is about mental capacity and controlling your own race.

I could not have finished the season in a better way! Next season ill definitely focus more on the long distance.


Now its time to rest for two weeks!

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