Happy New Year

Haven’t been writing for quite some time…

Christmas back home was great, even got some snow on the 25th. I must admit that it’s harder to train when I’m back home in Sweden, I’m used to the good weather conditions that Portugal offers. (Spoiled).

On the 10th of January the Portuguese triathlon federation arranged a gala to celebrate 25 years of the federation and to award the athletes for their results in 2014


Part of Sportings female Team


My Prizes

I got 4 individual prizes and Sporting was the most awarded Club.


Sporting Triathlon at the gala

On Sunday the 18th Sporting’s female triathlon team has been invited to the football game between Sporting and Rio Ave. During the Interval we will go to field to receive another award for our great season, an experience of a life time 🙂 I have prepared the event my investing in an official Sporting shirt with Larsson written on the back.

Training is going well. I have been putting quite some focus on my swim and run. The swim is and will always be my weakness, therefore it’s hard to evaluate.

Workout Sporting

Another great workout with the team

The run on the other hand has been developing going quite well. I have been doing some small run races that have given me good indications that I’m on the right track. This year the season is starting earlier. Usually the Triathlon races starts in March, but this year it will start in February. The first race of the season will be a Duatlhon (run-bike-run) on the 8th of February.

I’m going to focus on the first races of the season trying to quality for the European Cup that will take place in March. After that I will put 100% focus on long distance.

Season 2014 was fantastic, a season that will be hard to repeat. A season to remember!

2015 will be a bit different, more focus on long distance and other challenges…


Stopping for a cake in Sintra

1 thought on “2015

  1. Both Dad and I are immensly proud and HAPPY for you Kattis! The result of ten years of hard trainng!!! well done! You really deserve all the success!!

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