A Special day with Sporting TV

Today was not quite like any other day. I took the day off work to film with Sporting TV.

Sporting TV has a program called “A nossa Fé” – our faith and i was invited to participate.The objective of the program is for people to get to know the person behind the athlete.

The crew followed me on my morning workouts; swim, bike and run. After that we headed in to Lisbon for me to pick up a Lexus. This year Sporting Triathlon is Sponsored by Lexus. I just fell in Love with the car. I usually drive around in my SKODA Fabia, so it was quite an upgrade.


“my” new Car – LEXUS

After we picked up the car we headed out to Jamor for an one hour interview. I felt extremely comfortable and the hour past very fast. When the interview finished we headed home to film three Skype sessions and my famous shoe collection ;). The first Skype one was with my older brother Peder calling in from Boston. Baby brother Jakob was up next and last but not least mum and dad. The day ended with a paddle game with some close friends. It was a great day that i will always remember.

Thank you Lexus Portugal, the great crew from Sporting TV, A Nossa Fé, and my lovely family


The great crew from Sporting TV

The show will be broadcasted on Sporting TV saturday at 22:30 or 23:30 (yet to confirm) I will post a link here on the site so that friends and family abroad can see it.

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