First Triathlon of the season around the corner

Just a week missing till my first Triathlon race of the season. The race will be over the sprint distance (750m swim + 20km bike +5km run). This season the triathlon races starts pretty early and my only fear is that the water will be cold. We did our first open water training session yesterday and the water was around 13 degrees. It was freezing…


Praia da Torre


Firs open swim session


Ice cold water…

The two first triathlon races are very important as they serve as qualification races for the European Cup. I would really like to get another chance to participate, however one needs to qualify. My swim is ok, it will always depend on my mental state of mind. I don’t think i have ever been so strong in my run. I have put in lots of kilometers on the run and its showing some results. Yesterday we ended a couple of hard weeks of training with a hard bike/run session. We did 2 x (1.2km flat out on the bike, followed by 2 x 1,2km run). I was able to push quite hard and keep a 3´32/km pace.



Been doing lots of good workouts on the treadmill this year


Hebalife – with some rebuild after a hard swim/bike session

I’m curious to see how ill perform on Saturday.

A few weeks ago i was contacted by Tripodden, a Swedish site that writes about Swedish Triathlon (results, interviews, etc). They will do an interview with me over Skype on Friday 🙂

Check out the site


Saturdays Swim/bike session


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