Le Cool – Lisboa

This weekend i tried my new bike. I’m surprised how fast i adapted to the bike. We had a time trial workout on Saturday and i never thought i would be able to do it with my new bike. I did and i improved my time from last year with one minute, satisfied.


During the warm up before the time trial started…

Today i was contacted by a magazine in Lisbon called – Le Cool – Lisboa.

They want to make an interview with me under the subject  “inspiration”“100 people from Lisbon that you should know”  what an honor 🙂

Check out their site



New Ride

I’m a really lucky girl! The bike store Kombina will support me with a bike for my long distance races this season.

Yesterday i went to pick up my new baby, a MERIDA, and it was love at first site. Now i just need to learn how to ride on the bike. Its not quite the same thing to ride a normal road bike and a time trial bike..

Thank you very much Kombina!


Me and my MERIDA outside the store KOMBINA


Im happy with my performance today! Did 25th place in a start field of 42 girls.

When i enter a race with this level i never have any expectations, just to give my best and have fun. Its something special about wearing the national team suit and representing a country in such an event. To hear your name get called and stand on the start line with world class athletes. Wow…Wow..Wow…

The swim was rough. The wind was strong and choppy, just like last year. I never managed to swim properly, rather fighting with the waves. What kept the motivation up was that there were other girls in my sight and i knew there was a possibility to catch them on the way to the transition park and create a group on the bike.

I felt really good on the bike! I pushed nearly all the time and my group managed to catch more girls. When we arrived to the transition for the run we were around 12 girls in my group.


Leading the group on the bike course


I ran as fast as i could using all energy that i had left in my body. Crossing that finish line was a true pleasure. The support from the spectators was absolutely awesome.



The swedish National Champion in Olympic Distance Mikaela Persson was racing as well. It was great to meet her. She did a great swim and bike, but i passed her on the run. She was struggling with cramps. Mikaela ended up in 28th place.

Now its time to rest! Tomorrow the juniors are racing in the Junior European Cup.

Time to race…

Tomorrow at 13:45 its time to race in the European Cup in Quarteira, Portugal. This is the second time i represent Portugal´s National Elite team.

There has been no time this week to stress nor to rest for this race. Was back home in Sweden Monday till Thursday on a business trip. It was great to be back home, finally got to meet my nephew Dante. Yesterday i started my journey back to Portugal at 8am and arrived in Quarteira, Algarve at 00:30 am…a long and exhausting trip.

Today i have done some light workouts. Two laps on the bike course and one lap on the swim course. Im not nervous at all at the moment. Will try to go out there and have some fun and as always, do my very best.


Victory in Lezirias

Last week Andre decided to make some changes in my training plan and add another race (run – 15km) before the European Cup.

The race took place yesterday in Lezirias (30km from Lisbon) Despite tired legs from races and hard workouts I managed to win the race. I’m very pleased with this victory




Im in!

I’m in, i was selected for the elite team to represent Portugal in the European Cup that will take place in Quarteira on the 21st of March. No pressure, no objective, just do the best i can. I will be up against athletes that are much stronger than i am.

The timing might not be the best. I will have to go to Sweden with work the week before the race, but that’s life when you are not a professional athlete 😉

After this race ill start to focus 100% on long distance. I could not have asked for a better finish of my sprint and Olympic distance  years than wearing the national suit representing Portugal in a European Cup.

European cup

Race Report

Did another solid race last Sunday in Algarve, 7th overall, 3rd Senior and Sporting’s Female team did 2nd. It was the first stage of the national championship for teams so it was important to start of well. Once again the field was very competitive with the presence of 47 girls among them Pamela Oliveira and the National Junior team from Brazil.


On the podium, Pamela won my age group. An honor to share the podium with her.

I’m quite pleased about my individual performance. I did a great swim and was out of the water just 10 seconds after the first pack. Well, in fact Pamela Oliveira had left the water before the first pack. She did the race isolated and won.

I pushed quite a lot on the bike and i think that’s the reason why i felt a bit more tired on the run. Nevertheless i managed to push on the run and do a reasonable time.


Pushing the bike


Looking upon the qualification for the European Cup i should, by the results i had in the past races be qualified. They will bring 6 elite women. In the first race i was 5th among the elite and on Sunday i was 3rd. However i must wait for the official communication from the federation. If i don’t qualify ill feel satisfied anyway because i gave everything i had.


Part of Sporting Tri-Team