Race Report

Did another solid race last Sunday in Algarve, 7th overall, 3rd Senior and Sporting’s Female team did 2nd. It was the first stage of the national championship for teams so it was important to start of well. Once again the field was very competitive with the presence of 47 girls among them Pamela Oliveira and the National Junior team from Brazil.


On the podium, Pamela won my age group. An honor to share the podium with her.

I’m quite pleased about my individual performance. I did a great swim and was out of the water just 10 seconds after the first pack. Well, in fact Pamela Oliveira had left the water before the first pack. She did the race isolated and won.

I pushed quite a lot on the bike and i think that’s the reason why i felt a bit more tired on the run. Nevertheless i managed to push on the run and do a reasonable time.


Pushing the bike


Looking upon the qualification for the European Cup i should, by the results i had in the past races be qualified. They will bring 6 elite women. In the first race i was 5th among the elite and on Sunday i was 3rd. However i must wait for the official communication from the federation. If i don’t qualify ill feel satisfied anyway because i gave everything i had.


Part of Sporting Tri-Team

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