Race time

I’m feeling better every day. The heart exams went well, thank god. The blood analysis showed some lack of iron and other vitamins. I have never been very keen on taking supplements, but i have no other choice but to do so now.

Throughout this process i have got a very good support from the doctor, Jose Gomes Pereira. He is one of the best sports doctors in the country and has a background as an athlete (Olympic swimmer).

Its time to leave health issues behind and start focusing on Saturday’s race. I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed that all of this happened now. I have spent quite some time preparing for this race and then my body decides to shut down, typical. Let’s wait and see, there is not much i can do anyway. I will enjoy the fact of racing in Lisbon among another 500 athletes with the great support from the crowed.

Another nice part about race is that Sporting will have a female team racing. We are three girls, I, Ana Pereira and Stephanie. It’s the first time we have a female team present at a long distance race. Knowing that the girls will be there will be a big motivation to finish.

I won’t be the only Swedish girl (well I’m racing for Portugal) racing the elite class, Camilla Lindholm Borg. She has some fine results in her luggage, Bronze medallist at the world Duatlhon Championship in 2010, not bad.

After the race i will rest for at least a week giving the body an opportunity to recover fully.

Check out the official race site to get more information: http://www.lisboatriathlon.com/2015/




The past weeks have been hard, especially at work where i have passed some very though moments. This i think, has had the major impact on reaching what the doctor calls overreaching. Its basically been too much.

“Overreaching is an acute condition that can lead to overtraining, a chronic condition, if not properly handled. For example, you can sharply increase your training volume — overreaching — one week by adding some exercises to your workouts or increasing the number, duration, or intensity of your workouts. If you continue to do so for weeks and months, this can lead to overtraining

Im fine, the doctors are taking good care of me. Tomorrow i will make some more analysis to make sure everything is working as it should and i will rest. 

Im going to race on the 2nd of May at the Half IM in Lisbon, but i will race without any goals.

No need to worry, Larsson will be back!


I will be back….


Having a full time job and putting in another 20 hours (hardest weeks) of workouts during a week is not easy and it pushes the body to its absolute limits.

I’m very well aware of this, but I’m also aware of that if i want to have the result i want i need to push it hard.

Before Easter i suffered some days of dizziness. I have never felt it before. I had a hard time keeping the balance and it felt as i was “drunk” in the middle of the day. After a few days it passed. However, the symptoms have returned again and i have decided to see a doctor on Friday. I know that i have passed two crazy weeks of workouts, races and stress, but i still get worried as my body never reacted this way before.

It’s just missing two weeks till my next race, Half Ironman in Lisbon. I really want to be fit for fight!

A good race weekend

Two races, two podiums, two silver medals…

As i was coming from a very intense training week i did not quite know how i would respond to a weekend with two races and workouts.

I was pretty nervous before Saturday’s time trial. Somehow i felt some responsibility of wearing the National Champion Jersey (all eyes on me). Saturday morning i did a 40km bike workout. My legs were feeling quite sore and the wind had started to pump. The course wasn’t technical and most parts were flat, a course that fits me.

The races started at 2:30 pm and we started with one minute interval. Behind me i had the professional cyclist Daniela Reis, who ended up winning the time trial.

3…2…1 and Larsson was off!


out on the course

The wind was very strong and i was fighting like a little animal out there. I really gave everything i had for 23km. Daniela passed me on the second part of the course. It was actually good that she did. It gave me an extra kick and i maintained the distance till the end. Super satisfied with my 2nd place.


The podium

On Sunday it was time to race again, but this time a 20km run race from Cascais to Lisbon. Before the race we had a 40km bike ride on the schedule…


Parts of Sportings Triathlon team

I don’t know how i managed to run those 20km in head wind, i really don’t.

But it seems like i did manage to run the 20km and i came 2nd overall. The time wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t really matter to me. The goal was to reach the finish line.


Crossing the finish line


The podium

To summarize, a very positive racing weekend!

Sunday afternoon ended with a nice photo shoot…pictures coming soon!

The pictures were taken by the photographer Alexandre Cabrita.


From the photo shoot

Race Weekend!

The 10×1000 on the track went surprisingly well. Despite rain, wind and being alone i managed to keep a pace between 3´45″-3´55″ (one minute rest)

This weekend I’m racing both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I’m racing a time trial race (bike). Its the first time trial race since i was National Champion back in 2014. I would really like to do a nice race, but lets see if my legs can cope after a hard week of workouts.

Sunday I’m racing a 20km running race. It will serve as a transition workout as i will do a bike workout before the race.

Time trial (2)

From the National Championship in time trial 2014


Soon time to leave and head to the track to complete another workout, 10x1000m. Even if its going to be hard i feel fortunate to be able to run and do what i love…

Last time i did 10×1000 was when Sara and Andreas was here visiting me. Andreas ran every single meter with me and pushed me till the end. Today i will run every single meter for Andreas…


Andreas, Sara and Myself after 10×1000

10×1000 here we go….


Easter was lovely! Great weather, beach, sun and lovely food.

I managed to complete all workouts without any major constrains. The 120km bike i did on Sunday, alone, made me proud. Who would have thought that i could do 120km alone.


After 120km on the bike…Happy Girl

What i do notice is that i have no patience for the longer workouts, i suffer quite a lot mentally.


Crashing in the garden after a nice lunch

Patience was never really my style, so it will interesting to see if i manage to adapt to this new training regime.  Its not only the distance that are getting longer, I’m no longer feeling strong in any segment. The swim is clearly a disasters. I feel tired from all the other workouts and i cant swim as i used to. The bike…lets face it! I need much more kilometers in my legs and more power. The run clearly suffers from the weak bike legs and im not really able to run that well of the bike. This is of course my perspective of the situation and i need to BE PATIENT! A new Challenge for Miss Larsson.

Least but not last! I forgot to share an interview i did for Corred na Cidade (Portuguese running blog) some time ago.



Lovely sunset on the beach in St.Andre


The workouts are becoming longer and harder, all to prepare my first long distance of the season that will take place in Lisbon on the 2nd of May.

Yesterday i did a really nice track session, 8x1000m with 1 minute rest. Started of at a controlled pace 4´/km and ended at 3´38/km. Was surprised how good i felt. Next week i have 10x1000m. 

Easter will be spent training in Alentejo. I will be good to leave Lisbon for some days and focus on the training. I need to put more kilometers of bike in my legs. Alentejo is an excellent place to train, there is not a lot of traffic and endless roads to ride on.

Wish you all a Happy Easter

Work 11

Workouts for the weekend