Easter was lovely! Great weather, beach, sun and lovely food.

I managed to complete all workouts without any major constrains. The 120km bike i did on Sunday, alone, made me proud. Who would have thought that i could do 120km alone.


After 120km on the bike…Happy Girl

What i do notice is that i have no patience for the longer workouts, i suffer quite a lot mentally.


Crashing in the garden after a nice lunch

Patience was never really my style, so it will interesting to see if i manage to adapt to this new training regime.  Its not only the distance that are getting longer, I’m no longer feeling strong in any segment. The swim is clearly a disasters. I feel tired from all the other workouts and i cant swim as i used to. The bike…lets face it! I need much more kilometers in my legs and more power. The run clearly suffers from the weak bike legs and im not really able to run that well of the bike. This is of course my perspective of the situation and i need to BE PATIENT! A new Challenge for Miss Larsson.

Least but not last! I forgot to share an interview i did for Corred na Cidade (Portuguese running blog) some time ago.


Lovely sunset on the beach in St.Andre

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