A good race weekend

Two races, two podiums, two silver medals…

As i was coming from a very intense training week i did not quite know how i would respond to a weekend with two races and workouts.

I was pretty nervous before Saturday’s time trial. Somehow i felt some responsibility of wearing the National Champion Jersey (all eyes on me). Saturday morning i did a 40km bike workout. My legs were feeling quite sore and the wind had started to pump. The course wasn’t technical and most parts were flat, a course that fits me.

The races started at 2:30 pm and we started with one minute interval. Behind me i had the professional cyclist Daniela Reis, who ended up winning the time trial.

3…2…1 and Larsson was off!


out on the course

The wind was very strong and i was fighting like a little animal out there. I really gave everything i had for 23km. Daniela passed me on the second part of the course. It was actually good that she did. It gave me an extra kick and i maintained the distance till the end. Super satisfied with my 2nd place.


The podium

On Sunday it was time to race again, but this time a 20km run race from Cascais to Lisbon. Before the race we had a 40km bike ride on the schedule…


Parts of Sportings Triathlon team

I don’t know how i managed to run those 20km in head wind, i really don’t.

But it seems like i did manage to run the 20km and i came 2nd overall. The time wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t really matter to me. The goal was to reach the finish line.


Crossing the finish line


The podium

To summarize, a very positive racing weekend!

Sunday afternoon ended with a nice photo shoot…pictures coming soon!

The pictures were taken by the photographer Alexandre Cabrita.


From the photo shoot

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