Having a full time job and putting in another 20 hours (hardest weeks) of workouts during a week is not easy and it pushes the body to its absolute limits.

I’m very well aware of this, but I’m also aware of that if i want to have the result i want i need to push it hard.

Before Easter i suffered some days of dizziness. I have never felt it before. I had a hard time keeping the balance and it felt as i was “drunk” in the middle of the day. After a few days it passed. However, the symptoms have returned again and i have decided to see a doctor on Friday. I know that i have passed two crazy weeks of workouts, races and stress, but i still get worried as my body never reacted this way before.

It’s just missing two weeks till my next race, Half Ironman in Lisbon. I really want to be fit for fight!

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