The past weeks have been hard, especially at work where i have passed some very though moments. This i think, has had the major impact on reaching what the doctor calls overreaching. Its basically been too much.

“Overreaching is an acute condition that can lead to overtraining, a chronic condition, if not properly handled. For example, you can sharply increase your training volume — overreaching — one week by adding some exercises to your workouts or increasing the number, duration, or intensity of your workouts. If you continue to do so for weeks and months, this can lead to overtraining

Im fine, the doctors are taking good care of me. Tomorrow i will make some more analysis to make sure everything is working as it should and i will rest. 

Im going to race on the 2nd of May at the Half IM in Lisbon, but i will race without any goals.

No need to worry, Larsson will be back!


I will be back….

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