Race time

I’m feeling better every day. The heart exams went well, thank god. The blood analysis showed some lack of iron and other vitamins. I have never been very keen on taking supplements, but i have no other choice but to do so now.

Throughout this process i have got a very good support from the doctor, Jose Gomes Pereira. He is one of the best sports doctors in the country and has a background as an athlete (Olympic swimmer).

Its time to leave health issues behind and start focusing on Saturday’s race. I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed that all of this happened now. I have spent quite some time preparing for this race and then my body decides to shut down, typical. Let’s wait and see, there is not much i can do anyway. I will enjoy the fact of racing in Lisbon among another 500 athletes with the great support from the crowed.

Another nice part about race is that Sporting will have a female team racing. We are three girls, I, Ana Pereira and Stephanie. It’s the first time we have a female team present at a long distance race. Knowing that the girls will be there will be a big motivation to finish.

I won’t be the only Swedish girl (well I’m racing for Portugal) racing the elite class, Camilla Lindholm Borg. She has some fine results in her luggage, Bronze medallist at the world Duatlhon Championship in 2010, not bad.

After the race i will rest for at least a week giving the body an opportunity to recover fully.

Check out the official race site to get more information: http://www.lisboatriathlon.com/2015/


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