4th in Lisbon

I finished 4th yesterday at Lisbon International Triathlon. The race was won by the swiss girl Simone Braendli. Im pleased with the result as it was around 70 woman racing (6 in the elite class and 64 in the age groups) As i registered in the elite class i could not get my classification as age-grouper. Nevertheless it feels good knowing that i would have won my age group.

The swim went very well, left the water in 2nd. Had some issue in the transition and dropped my water bottle. As i had my special drink for the race i had to return and pick it up. However, that had an minimum impact on the final outcome of the race.

Lisbon Triathlon 2

I never felt good on the bike, not physically, but psychologically. Andre had set up an objective for the bike and i didnt mange to keep it. If i had done so i would have been fighting for the podium yesterday. In long distance you have to focus on the bike and make sure you keep the pace. I was not focused and there were moments i was questioning my participation in the race. Its not easy to move from short distance to long distance and do 90km alone, at least not for me. I will need some more races to adapt.Three girls passed me on the bike and i was in 5th heading into transition for the run.

Lisbon Triathlon 1

The run was a true pleasure. passed the girl in 5th place and ended up running 1h26 for the half marathon (21km). I think it was slightly short, but even so im satisfied.

Lisbon Triathlon 3

I have lots of work ahead of me and i truly need to improve the bike for the longer distances.

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