Vo2 Max and Supplements

I’m recovering very well after the race. I actually think that if the race would have taken place this weekend i would have performed better.

I guess I’m also, slowly, changing my opinions  towards supplements. There is no doubt that it’s helped me to recover.

Yesterday i did a VO2 Max test on the bike and to my surprise i reached 510 watts which is very, very good.

The tests starts at 90 watts and you increase 30 watts every 3 minutes. I could never imagine that i would reach so far. It’s good to get the confirmation that there is some capacity in my body.

Next week I will start to pick up on my workouts. Next race on the schedule is a Duathlon race over the Olympic distance (10km run – 40km bike – 5km run). I have never done a Duathlon over the Olympic distance before.


Preparing for the test

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